All the apps you see in this post are designed to help electricians and electrical engineers in their day to day lives. Below you will find apps the will help you with conduit bending, circuit color identification for 3 phase systems, ohms law calculator, resistor ohm calculator and much more. We are still in the works of creating more apps to help out electricians and electrical engineers. Our goal is to have an app that covers all fields of electrical like transformers, electronics, motor control, AC machines, DC machines, 3 phase calculators and much more.. For updates on new apps or new additions added to our apps follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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Subreddit: Electrical_apps

Conduit Bending Assistant PRO (Android) –

Electrical: Conduit Bender Calculator (Android) –

Electrical: Circuit Color (Android) –

Electrical: Resistor Code (Android) –

My Electrical Pal (Android) –

Circuit Number Color (Android)-

Ohms/Watts Law Calculator (Android) –

Conduit Bending Assistant PRO (IPhone) –

Circuit Number Color (IPhone) –
My Electrical Pal (IPhone) –
Electrical: Resistor Code (IPhone) –
Electrical: Conduit Bender (IPhone) –

If you are an electrician or electrical engineer and you have any great ideas for apps that could help out the community. Email us at


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